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Regrettably, I do not have the time to continue maintaining Hymnus Apollon at this time. Eventually, I will again, but presently, life has claimed most of my waking hours, and while I have enough free-time to meander by and check on things here and there, I do not have the leisure to handle administrative duties as they should be.

Those that are already members may log in and continue to play here without me, thereby, for now, Hymnus is private. If you are interested in joining anyway, email Kendra @ foreverburn at live, she'll get you sorted out. If you are interested in helping maintain Hymnus, again, email Kendra. We do still have a Skype chat, you'll have to... yes, email Kendra. Alternatively, add me ( alesshou ), I make no promises that I will respond in a timely manner.

Those that are affiliates of ours are welcome to take our button down, but we will eventually make a come-back, once life calms down on my end, and we'll be reopened to the public. Your buttons will not be removed. I suspect we'll only be gone a few months.

-- Krys
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